Belmont Mill Residency  June - August 2009


Sourcing found objects, traces people leave behind, questioning their owner’s identity. Re-piecing, rearranging and mending the disregarded or lost.

Found Sign

Found roadside bow

Found glove by roadside

Found clothing on roadside

Found Shirt

Maintain, found shirt and rope, 29x30 cm, 2009

Dress, found top and gold crochet, 61x92 cm, 2009


Case, Found handle and artists clothes, 46x45x20 cm, 2009

View of studio

Collection of everyday drawings

It started with a walk Small figures made from leaves and stems, 25x17 cm, 2009


Unknown, Collection of charity pens

Maintain, Mad Art Gallery, Dublin

It started with a walk, Mad Art Gallery, Dublin